Justin Gerard /Cory Godbey/ Iain McCaig workshop of Awesomeness

Had the pleasure of attending a work shop with Justin Gerard, Cory Godbey and Iain McCaig this past weekend. It was an awesome experience where I learned much. The main prompt was to take either Alice in Wonderland, or Beauty and the beast and creature your own representation of it.

This is what I came up with. The value study was what I brought to the class and the line drawing is what I had at the end. I plan to take this to finish digitally at some point in the future.


Oil Painting with Dan Dos Santos

I had the pleasure of attending at workshop with Dan dos Santos this past weekend. I was awestruck the entire time. Dan is as phenomenal teacher as he is a painter. If anyone has an opportunity to interact with the man  you should, and you will learn I a lot. This weekend in particular was daunting because this was my first foray in to traditional oil painting. The image is still a WIP but it ended up turning out a bit better than I had hoped. Her are some progress shots from the workshop.

Anyone reading this should go attend these workshops. They are very informative and very much worth your time.