Ginger bread house

Sorry. Its been a while. According to one of my professor's I need to slow down and learn the program instead of going a mile a minute. I kinda agree with him, so I not going to be posting daily images any more though I will be posting new images every so often.

This is image is a concept piece for my friend Mira and her Senior animation film 'Das Fremte'. I'm eventually going to be doing panoramic layout of the forest for the final cut.

Enjoy. :)


Cave of fire

20 mins. Not sure where I was going with this one. It seemed like a cool idea when I started it.



I'll admit. This one took me a bit longer than an hour, but I think it was worth the extra time. Also because it's been years since I've drawn dinosaurs.


If anyone has some fresh ideas they would like to see painted please let me know, then I will do my best to make you idea come to life.


Rocket car

Concept on a friend's project.  Had a little more trouble with this one. I'm used to painting much darker and dismal scenes with a lot of shadows. I'm not sure if I should be concerned with that. I had fun with it though.


Here’s my first shot a speed painting. It took me about 45mins.

A fresh start

Hey kids,

I’m Sam and I’m aspiring to be one of the best artists in the world. I’m still in college and my professor are telling me I have to get my name out there and to keep doing artwork. So, to appease myself and my teachers I’m going to post a new piece of artwork everyday. I’m specifically trying to get better as a speed painter so majority of the work posted will be done in under an hour. I hope you guys like it and please give me your feedback.