Head study-3

I went home for the Holiday of Thanksgiving and foolishly brought client work with me because I should have known none of it would have gotten done. Family, I love you but you are not vey good for productivity. So instead to take up the free time between events my family members were planning for the brief time we were back together I decided to try to paint something mindless and still beneficial.

For some reason I always go back to head drawings when ever I want to paint who knows what because its something I never tire of painting and never get stressed about. Also painting hot chicks is fun.

I had actually started this one some time ago but now with Illuxcon gone by, I wanted push myself interms of detail and what makes faces recognizable. This is image is a study of a photo I found on the internet but I hope to eventually bring this much detail to my other more creative works.


Finally an Environment

Lately I've been realizing there are a lack of environment pieces in my portfolio  So I sought to remdy that by painting this. It was an odd but productive experience in lighting and color. I think I learned a lot of over the course of painting it.



With a slew of conventions and competitions coming up I thought it best to take some time and focus on my person al work and try to make my work the best it could be.

With how much time I spent crying over it, shoving it in other peoples faces for advice while failing to be a normal human being that spoke and ate meals, I can confidently say that I learned..........I'll get back to you on that one.

The only thing I can say for sure is that I hope you like it.


Angel of Grace

This is the result of my work at the Terese Nielsen workshop, courtesy of TLC workshops. 
We were given the assignment of designing art for a magic card. The sketch is final concept that I had achieved during the workshop.. 

Everyone should go to one of these workshops whenever they have the chance. The amount that there is to learn makes it very worth while.



Phoenix Crisis

Its been a while since I've done any sort of environment piece. Im glad how this one turned out. This is going to be the wrap around cover for the third novel in Richard L. Sanders's Phoenix series. I had a lot of fun with it and it always a pleasure to work with Richard. :)


Virgin of Guadalupe

This was a personal commission for a friend of mine. She's moving to a new place and asked me to make something nice for her to put on the wall.


Ring Binder

Here is cover I recently finished for Ranee Dillion's Ring Binder.


Its been a while since I took a day off and did no client work for the entire day. Decided to doodle for a bit and this is what came out.



For Carl,

 The powers that be have decreed that I need some traditional work in my portfolio and that I should do more life drawing. So over the past week I've gone to life drawing sessions and done various sketches of different things. At one point I grabbed a mirror and starred at myself for several hours. It's the first time I've drawn with an actual pencil in months. It turned out to be a great learning experience.


Another Head Study

Probably the thing I'm most dissatisfied with when ever I paint is how I draw faces.  The best way to improve at something is to practice. So, I grabbed photo of a pretty face online and with the few minutes of free time I've had over the past couple days, I painted this. 


Devil's Bane

Another day, another cover. This one comes to you courtesy of Lane Diamond. Check it out and some of Lane's other books on Amazon.

For Everyone that is squeamish, here is a version with out the blood. I actually enjoyed painting this part more than the bloody effects.


Look, a cat - The Reluctant Familiar


Here is my work for the new Reluctant Familiar series that Kimberely Kinrade is putting out later this year in October. Go read it, but it until then enjoy the picture.

I finally get to draw a dragon for work. :)



New cover for the novel Circles.  I dont usually do Photo manipulations but the client requested it.
Enjoy. :) 


A kinda new book Cover

Hello again peoples. This is a project that sadly got killed half way through the making of it but I decided to finish it anyway because I liked where it was going.

I recently went to a drawing workshop with Justin Gerard and learned a new method of drawing to help increase the my skill in art. It is an indirect drawing method that involves breaking down the composition in to Line, value and color and doing the piece in those separate steps. I also did some studies to better to inform my work and I think it turned out rather well.


Head Study

I've come to the realization that in order to improve I'm going to have to do studies of things in general more often in order to learn more. The occasional weekend life drawing session wont cut it anymore. Here's my first head study of a female. Wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy the exercise so I chose a subject matter I would enjoy drawing. A couple hours later this poped out.

Another Book Cover

This is a wrap around image meant for paper back of the novel Ysabet: The Two edged sword.  Working on this project made me realize I need to do more studies of outside environments.


White wizard final

Here's the finished version of the white wizard( or at least all I could get done in time.)  Here's to hoping that I do well in the competition.

Check out my working proces here: 


White Wizard

This is a WIP for a piece I am doing for an online competition.  It' s for the Art Order Evolution challenge. Check the link below if you want more details.


Anyway. I just recently got some new drawing tools from Wacom and discovered some new tools in photoshop. With them  I'm able to obtain a level of detail that wasn't possible for me before. Im really pleased at the direction the piece is going which is rare for me. Im hoping the finished version turns out just as well.


Space Battle

My first shot at a space battle. It's a wrap around cover for an upcoming digital novel Phoenix Rising by Richard L. Sanders. It should be out soon for your reading pleasure.

Short story covers.

Hey guys,
I recently got a contract doing cover art for a publishing company. Finally something on my resume. Woo hoo.  Here is some of the art that I came up with. Be sure purchase these books on amazon when you can.

And here are the images without the titles.


Random Art dump.

I know its been a while since I posted anything, hence the purpose of this. I thought at first I would only post work im completely pleased with, then I realized how little that is going to happen.  These next couple images is stuff I've been working on for the past several month. None of its finished work and most is only doodles. I'd thought I d post it to show im not being a lazy bum. I hope you guys enjoy this dump of randomness.