Environment paintings

I thought it would be worth while to try to build of my chops with environments so I painted a few while I had some time.


Beauty and the Beast

Finally got around to coloring the line drawing from Gerard/Godbey workshop.


Perils of Petunia

 The next book cover in the series Upon A. Time series by Falcon Storm.


Justin Gerard /Cory Godbey/ Iain McCaig workshop of Awesomeness

Had the pleasure of attending a work shop with Justin Gerard, Cory Godbey and Iain McCaig this past weekend. It was an awesome experience where I learned much. The main prompt was to take either Alice in Wonderland, or Beauty and the beast and creature your own representation of it.

This is what I came up with. The value study was what I brought to the class and the line drawing is what I had at the end. I plan to take this to finish digitally at some point in the future.


Oil Painting with Dan Dos Santos

I had the pleasure of attending at workshop with Dan dos Santos this past weekend. I was awestruck the entire time. Dan is as phenomenal teacher as he is a painter. If anyone has an opportunity to interact with the man  you should, and you will learn I a lot. This weekend in particular was daunting because this was my first foray in to traditional oil painting. The image is still a WIP but it ended up turning out a bit better than I had hoped. Her are some progress shots from the workshop.

Anyone reading this should go attend these workshops. They are very informative and very much worth your time.




Recently I've been dabbling in portraits. One of these I did for fun as reference. The other was a gift for my uncle Peter on his 60th birthday.


The Phoenix War

I had the pleasure of working the amazing Richard Sanders again on the next upcoming book in his series, The Phoenix War. I'm not usually one for sci fi space battles but Richard always seems to rope me in with his descriptions. Ater a long time of laboring over this image here is the end result.