Another Head Study

Probably the thing I'm most dissatisfied with when ever I paint is how I draw faces.  The best way to improve at something is to practice. So, I grabbed photo of a pretty face online and with the few minutes of free time I've had over the past couple days, I painted this. 


Devil's Bane

Another day, another cover. This one comes to you courtesy of Lane Diamond. Check it out and some of Lane's other books on Amazon.

For Everyone that is squeamish, here is a version with out the blood. I actually enjoyed painting this part more than the bloody effects.


Look, a cat - The Reluctant Familiar


Here is my work for the new Reluctant Familiar series that Kimberely Kinrade is putting out later this year in October. Go read it, but it until then enjoy the picture.

I finally get to draw a dragon for work. :)