White wizard final

Here's the finished version of the white wizard( or at least all I could get done in time.)  Here's to hoping that I do well in the competition.

Check out my working proces here: 


White Wizard

This is a WIP for a piece I am doing for an online competition.  It' s for the Art Order Evolution challenge. Check the link below if you want more details.


Anyway. I just recently got some new drawing tools from Wacom and discovered some new tools in photoshop. With them  I'm able to obtain a level of detail that wasn't possible for me before. Im really pleased at the direction the piece is going which is rare for me. Im hoping the finished version turns out just as well.


Space Battle

My first shot at a space battle. It's a wrap around cover for an upcoming digital novel Phoenix Rising by Richard L. Sanders. It should be out soon for your reading pleasure.

Short story covers.

Hey guys,
I recently got a contract doing cover art for a publishing company. Finally something on my resume. Woo hoo.  Here is some of the art that I came up with. Be sure purchase these books on amazon when you can.

And here are the images without the titles.